Victory is Mine!

Above, my victory lap. I started processing three collections on 1 September 2009, a total of 348 linear feet.They were not minimally processed; this was old-school, maximal processing. I finished processing those collections in June. The finding aids will be published at the end of the month after I leave.

In my department, one doesn’t really consider a collection to be DONE until it moves to its permanent home onsite or at the Library Shelving Facility (LSF) in Hamden. The medium sized collection, totally nearly 105 linear feet, went out in the Spring. The final, smallest collection, will go out in September.

This photo is of the largest, most complicated collection totaling 245 linear feet. Seeing that go off shrink wrapped on pallets to LSF is the taste of sweet victory and I was exhilarated watching the TR&S guys load it up on my way in to work this morning.

My last day of work is a week from today. I have some loose ends to tie up, but not many. I have two reference shifts to work, but mostly farewell lunches to attend.

That will do.