Class of 2015 Mindset

“The same radical privacy that I seek in books, my mind’s way of eating its lunch alone, is what turns their stomachs. I learn of two girls in my class who got through Ethan Frome by reading along to each other over Skype, not unlike George Gibbs and Emily Webb chatting between their upstairs bedroom windows, just with different kinds of windows. They are acutely social creatures, these kids, and it is a slow learner indeed who fails to grasp that fact even as he prattles on about building a more social democracy.”

-Garret Keizer, “Getting Schooled: the re-education of an American teacher,” Harper’s Magazine /September 2011

Something to keep in mind as we turn we approach a new school year, get to know our new students and begin the exciting work of teaching and learning, for the students AND the instructors. Seriously, I learn as much from my students as they learn from me. I don’t mean that like the aphorism it might appear.