Experiments [or a failure with Pinterest]

I love my job. Love. It. There are a myriad of reasons for this, but central among them is the responsibility to build our library’s collections for the School of Critical Social Inquiry. While my budget is limited, I still manage to buy a number of monographs that reflect my school’s curriculum. I’m excited about my purchases, but I am struggling how to best promote them in my community.

Some colleagues use LibraryThing. Others relay on our new book shelf in the front of the library. Sometimes I will tweet about a random book title, or write emails to interested faculty and put items on hold for them to peruse. But what about other avenues of Discovery?

Enter Pinterest.

Inspired by iLibrarians’s post about using Pinterest in libraries, I decided that I would pin my acquisitions to a board called ‘New Books.’ So, the books arrived, I plugged titles into the interwebs, grateful that I could primarily pull content from University Press sites as just Amazon.com. The Pintest site looked pretty cool, but I am struggling to find the right venue to push content out to places where my users will actually encounter it. Should I just publish random pins (books) to Twitter? Is this the impetus we need to bring back our Library’s Facebook page? So many questions!

Weigh in, dear readers, please weigh in.