Best Back to School Accessory

I have the best school accessory ever: a tote gifted to me by the amiable and generous Simon Beattie. I saw the lovely tote with its orange text at RBMS slung on Beattie’s shoulder. After the amazing professional development seminar, I saw Beattie give them to the panelists as tokens of thanks. I wondered: ARE THERE MORE?

Orange is my favorite color and librarians seem genetically determined to acquire tote bags, so I remarked to a colleague that I wondered where these bags were available for sale. He suggested I tweet Simon to inquire. Communications were exchanged and Simon graciously sent me a bag from England with a lovely note. I appreciate the gesture, but also to represent the campaign the tote represented by using this bag.

I am a huge fan of digital reading for a variety of reasons, but note that the analog book allows friends, colleagues, lovers, and family to freely exchange books. The books on my shelves at work represent far more than the content between covers, but relationships, projects, aspirations, and memories. Books are definitely my bag.