New Digs

Spring has arrived in New England and so too has my new website. After nearly four years with the dot com domain and hosting through, I decided it was time to shift gears re-imagine my webspace. Several events precipitated the shift:

  1. ‘Doing Technology:’ After working in WordPress for Mount Holyoke projects and dh+lib, I realized that I knew enough to use a self-hosted instance of WordPress and dare I say, ENJOY IT MORE. All true. The projects at work and through dh+lib gave me new confidence that I can ‘do’ even MOAR technology.
  2. Reclaim Hosting Colleagues here and there raved about the service and as I looked at pricing and features, I realized it would provide me with the space I needed to host my site AND a sandbox to try new things.

  3. E-Portfolios! This fall, I was embedded in the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar where students lived the integrative learning life and produced online portfolios. Using my site as an example for critique/aspiration, I realized I wanted to review the contents of my site and reimagine it to reflect where I am now and where I might want to go. The seniors and I had many productive conversations about marketing versus presentation and as I revise this space, I am thinking about those issues in the types of information that people might seek from my virtual site.

Some aspects of the site are the same; there is a blog, you can get links to digital essays and journal articles I’ve written, a list of presentations given at various venues, and a sense of who I am. I definitely took a long break from blogging this winter which was refreshing after pushing out so much content over the last two years. More change is to come, but I feel refreshed by the promise of change and excited that the person who launched my original blogging space in 2011 is no longer the person typing this post in 2015. Thanks for all of you read what I write here; it has been instrumental in my evolution as a practicing librarchivist.