The Little Things

Hi Internet. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on my site and I wanted to say hello. I’m just sharing some of the little things that my work days a little easier.  With so many to-do lists and priorities to juggle, one can succumb to the OVERWHELM. Over the least year, I’ve discovered a few things that are helping me manage ALL THE THINGS.

Everything I need on the Internet is already there:

I work at a Google Apps campus, so Chrome is my primary browser. There are a variety of websites I know I will visit daily. Rather than think about when to open them, I managed my preferences in Chrome to start a particular set of pages to open when I fire up my browser in the morning. It saves me some brain RAM and keystrokes.

Write that email you will send 10 times only once:

On a Google Apps campus, we use Gmail.  I write lots of email and many times, I write the same email multiple times. Over a year ago, I enabled the canned responses lab in Gmail. Canned responses allows me to insert text into communications I am composing without much added effort. Once a year, I review all of my canned responses in Gmail and update them to include new links or improve the information I convey in some way. I worried for a long time if I told the internet that I use canned responses, people would think that my email correspondence robotic or impersonal. I don’t feel that way anymore. I write emails with common procedures and information once and add personal touches and flourishes each time I share that information.

I don’t remember any of my passwords:

Two years ago, I started using Dashlane as my password manager. There are many of them. Here’s a chart from PC Magazine and here’s LifeHacker’s Top Five.  Dashlane has a nice interface; it acts as a digital wallet with all of my online purchases neatly cataloged, and there’s a Safari extension on iOS that provides the same autofill happiness laptop.  I pay for premium features, but that’s worth it to me to have a seamless experience across laptop, tablet, and iPhone. Dashlane allows me to generate strong passwords that I do not need to remember.