It’s the InfoBar!

The view from my seat at the InfoBar

Hey, internetz, as you may recall from past posts about my job(s), I love working on reference desks. Between the people watching, random questions, and the opportunity to develop relationships with students and faculty, it’s a pretty fantastic way to spend a chunk of my week.

Here at Hampshire, we have an experimental reference desk called the InfoBar. It’s a consolidated service point for the library, media services, and IT. The bar sites right at the library entrance; we’re the first folks you see when you walk through the door. Did I mention we have bar stools and pens?

I am a fan.

This is my first shift and I’ve already helped folks with basic directions (hey, we want students to feel comfortable and welcome so they will come back and ask for help with their projects) and some more complicated technology questions about Hampshire’s courseware system, Moodle. I imagine I will get some heavier reference questions once the dust settles from the first week of school and students begin to get into their reading and various projects.