I’m Still Standing

What a wild time to be alive!

Just dipping into this internet world to share some random thoughts about living during the pandemic.

I struggled over the last few months to find a work from home set-up that met my needs. After a few months of 'making it work' with different make-shift set-ups, I bought a Ready-Desk and it's proven to be extremely helpful during my classes because I can fully embody my authentic teacher self, Coach Caro.

Life in Zoom is at times strange and exhausting. I often feel like I ran a marathon afterwards; I am trying to slow it down; build in moments of silence, create longer pauses for people to speak. Silence somehow feels interimidble in Zoom, but I am working to counter that instinct and make my classes and meetings breathe a bit more. I am overjoyed to see groups of students and sometimes their pets.

I am all for participants in my info lit classes or other meetings to choose to not be on camera. It can be tricky to negotiate because faculty/facilitators might have other norms that conflict. For myself, I've learned that I process information better when not facing the camera, but listening actively and utilizing the chat when I have questions.

I'm missing my faraway friends, so I've been rotating diffrent photos as desktop backgrounds to remember advenures with my pals. A low-key morale boost everyday.

Not avoiding the obvious; it's not the status quo. I try to share where I am in time and space, 'morning in Northampton.' I also find opportunities to incorporate my cat into interactions when he might be invited. That also being said, I'm working hard to not say, 'normal times' but pre-pandemic.

After many years as a dedicated Chrome user, I found myself switching to Firefox for better browsing performance. Like many others, I've experienced internet woes and my switch to Firefox made some measurable improvements. It also prompted me to review my add-ons and I rediscovered One Tab. Teacing online demands that I toggle between looking at Zoom and looking at my notes which are in a Google document in my browser, so rather than opening up another browser window to review my materials, I tuck all of my tabes into OneTab to review later.

Finally, my cat is an excellent co-worker.