So it snowed in Western Mass over the weekend

It’s been a whirlwind few days, internetz. I travelled to Columbia for a DH field trip on Friday and returned to Northampton on Friday and then prepared for the storm on Saturday morning. By Saturday night, I lost power that wasn’t restored until Monday. I still don’t have heat or hot water. Thanks to the generosity of friends, I been able to shower and enjoy a hot meal.

Hampshire is still closed, so I am working at my favorite coffee hub in Northampton to work on my email backlog and assess my calendar for the next few days and juggle appointments.

I feel like a kid on an extended snow holiday, gleeful for free off days, but anxious about a lost routine. I am grateful to be safe and (mostly) warm.


I had a meeting about how to best answer reference questions about our architecture collections with some of the other reference archivists this afternoon. Our amazing (and departing colleague) created finding aids that meet the complex demands of the materials she curates with sensible elegance. She is one of the finest people I’ve ever worked with and I am really going to miss her.