I'm embedded in course called Race, Racism, and Power with Vanessa Rosa that includes an assignment known as 'Dear Data.' In 'Dear Data,' students generate data visualizations of their readings several times throughout the semester. They use numbers, drawings, dotted lines, and other forms of visual communication to frame their posts. This assignment is modeled after the project and book by Gioriga Lupi and Stefanie Posavec.

The assignment interrupts what I think of often naturalized and calcified conceptions of what 'data' is or is not. It creates space for new forms of engagement with course readings and for student interactions. It's one of the best things about my work and I am already looking forward to incorporating more examples and framing for the future!

This semester, the students wanted to stage and exhibit and I'm excited to share that some their posts are on view in the atrium of the library until 19 December 2017. I'm excited to celebrate the opening of the exhibit and to share the zine they created tonight at 7 pm.

The students' energy around this project was infectious and spirit lifting. Come and see their work if you can. I'll plan to post some other photos here soon, but here are some tweets from Vanessa as a start.

And finally, some photos from the opening itself: